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A Day in the Life of a CAD Designer | Kho kiến thức học thiết kế hiệu quả nhất tại nhà.


A Day in the Life of a CAD Designer

AutoCAD Testing for Job Interviews (You&39;ll Fail Unless You Ask This!)

AutoCAD Testing for Job Interviews

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AutoCAD Testing for Job Interviews (You&39;ll Fail Unless You Ask This!)

5 Ways to Make Money With AutoCAD (Business of AutoCAD)

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5 Ways to Make Money With AutoCAD (Business of AutoCAD)

Preparing a Portfolio for a CAD Job

Describes the process of preparing a CAD portfolio for students completing an Associate Degree or Certificate program in Computer Aided Design. Portfolio can also be used in admissions packets for architecture or engineering programs at universities.

Made expressly for students enrolled in Austin Community Colleges Portfolio course (Dftg 1419) but available to everyone.

Preparing a Portfolio for a CAD Job

Writing a Resume for a CAD Job

Writing a resume for a CAD job for students about to receive a degree or certificate in Computer Aided Design. Made expressly for students enrolled in Dftg 1491 at Austin Community College.

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Writing a Resume for a CAD Job

References for a CAD Job

References for a CAD Job

AutoCAD Freelancing job on Up Work.

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How To Draw a Duplex House Plan in AutoCAD Complete Tutorial

Autocad for beginners in very simple way. part 01

How To Read Building Plan in AutoCAD.
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AutoCAD Freelancing job on Up Work.

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Tutorial CAD job 1

Nama : muhamad Samiun alim
kls. : 11 Pemesinan A
No. :29

sengpenting wani sek

Tutorial CAD job 1

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A Day in the Life of a CAD Designer

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A Day in the Life of a CAD Designer.


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  1. I’ve recently started working for the family business which is a restaurant/casino/hotel design company. Things got really busy lately and they have me working minimum wage doing cad I’m not complaining I love it learning so much feel so lucky. Mostly I’m doing redlines and setting up sheets also doing some elevations and sections. My uncle said “the best piece of advice I can give you is work quick but never rush”

  2. I love your video and Can you give me some advide please?
    I studied ‘architectural design’ 3 year course in university in korea
    I did pretty well for CAD, Sketch up, premire pro and Photo shop. (I will study more for this job)
    I serviced military and used Cad for 21months
    Now i’m working for cloth designing
    After married i want to go to her home city Houston and have this job there.
    Whatels should i prepare more??? Or study programs??

  3. I started CAD (I used Matrix 9.0) in 2020, but I left it because I didn't have any motivation and passion for CAD, but now I am back.

    I got a quick question. In your early years when you started CAD. What were your thoughts on how are you gonna see yourself in 6 months and what were the things that motivated you to keep you going?

  4. So i have started in this field recently without a degree. I enjoy it and want to advance in it i just don't know what kind of schooling process I should start. Any advice?

  5. I really miss the pencil era, been in cad for more than a 2 decades specifically on furniture drafting and design export industries the only problem now is the opportunity many of the industries in 3rd world are struggling due to pandemic :( now I'm thinking about shifting position.

  6. I just graduated in May in industrial technology. I have been considering going into CAD drafting, what advice could you give to someone fresh out of college looking for work? And interview advice?

  7. Hi thanks for the video,really nice

    I live in South Africa, and am studying for a Mechanical engineering Diploma, wanting to do CAD

    So I have apprenticed with a Freelance CAD designer, which was great(you get challenged and have to often go on site to figure out a design and get dimensions)

    However, I can imagine working for a company can get a bit monotonous as you just have to CAD design what you are given, is this the case?


  8. Bro, I want this job, I am very much passionate about it, I did a course on computer-aided design and drafting. Even not able to get an entry job in Canada. Can you please help me out? How to grab this opportunity.

  9. hi I'm a future CAD drafter (from Louisiana) with knowledge in architectural/piping discipline. I have an diploma in drafting and design technology (grad of 2013) since then I've been Having a hard time getting my foot in the door. currently I'm going to school to earn my associates degree in drafting which is quite difficult since I work a full time job.
    I'm familiar with autodesk revit and piping 3D program. what advice can you give someone who's try to get their foot in the door or pursue an entry level job as a drafter.

  10. Great…
    I have a question…
    What should an individual study as a major in order to be a CAD designer… Can anyone please explain…

    So lost… How many software should I know how to use… (Please don't go soft)
    … Advice pls… A good summary 😣

  11. Basically I'm a mechanical diploma graduate,.. Unexpectedly my mind turn in to design field.. I'm 25 now.. Started attending solidworks class and i feel i can run it for long.. Can you plz gimme some advice…

  12. Hello sir i am from india. I have done btech in mechanical and also have knowledge of design software like autoCAD and solidworks.
    What is the scope of design engineer in usa what is the starting salary?

  13. I’m 33, do you think it worth starting this career path at this age? Or it’s too late, and should carry on doing what I already do?

  14. Hello sir
    I hv learnt autocad software n planning to work under this.
    I dnt knw where to start n all..
    Can you guide me? I hv completed master's degree in geotechnical engg( civil engg.).

  15. when you first got hired, did they put you in a training period? or did they just throw projects at you and expect you to know everything?

  16. I'm 25 and just now making the choice to take the 2 year Engineering Design associates degree to get into this line of work… I know it wont be a walk in the park but it seems worth it!

  17. Nice video man. I'm a relatively young civil drafter and looking to possibly move to another company. I've only ever worked for this one however and it's very small/'mom-and-pop' style so I'm curious what a bigger more corporate company is like. Are you required to do site visits/travel or research code/due diligence, or is it pretty much strictly drafting? Also, do you by chance know what your company offers as starting pay for an experienced drafter? Just trying to get an idea of what to expect at other places. Thanks in advance.

  18. I’m currently a Cadastral mapping coordinator with ArcMap. Thought about looking into CAD as an alternative path possibly. Looks interesting.

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