Discovery of Zero | Who Invented Zero | शून्य की खोज से पहले रावण के 10 सिर कैसे गिने गए | in which year 0 was invented

Có phải bạn đang tìm kiếm chủ đề in which year 0 was invented phải không? Có phải bạn đang muốn xem thông tin về chủ đề Discovery of Zero | Who Invented Zero | शून्य की खोज से पहले रावण के 10 सिर कैसे गिने गए phải không? Nếu đúng như vậy thì mời bạn xem nó ngay tại đây.

Who Invented the Number Zero?

Who Invented the Number Zero?. Part of the series: Math Problems & History. The number zero was a known concept for many years, but did not have any definition or rules until Aryabhata introduced the zero digit in India. Find out how the Mayan number system used the number zero, but in a way that did not translate to base 10 numbers, with information from a math teacher in this free video on math history. Read more:

Who Invented the Number Zero?

Who Invented Zero ? [ Hindi ]

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In this video i am explaining about india’s most amazing invention and great mathematician aryabhatta.

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Who Invented Zero ? [ Hindi ]

Who Invented The Zero? | History Of The Zero | Who Invented The Number Zero?

The History Of The Zero is not that old. It is surprisingly a recent addition in human history.

Zero is a very important and strange number. Who Invented The Zero is mostly a question because, It is one of the great paradoxes of human thought. It means both nothing and everything. History Of Zero In Maths, might seem like an obvious piece of any numerical system, but In fact, The Number Zero, this symbol didn’t even find its way to Europe until as late as the 12th century.
The Discovery Of Zero, and developing the Concept Of Zero is very important in The History Of Mathematics. Zero In Early History as a placeholder was invented independently in civilizations around the world.

In this video, you’ll get to know about The History Of Zero and about the person Who Invented The Number Zero.


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Who Invented The Zero? | History Of The Zero | Who Invented The Number Zero?

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Why was Zero "0" invented in the East?

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Zero is one of the greatest intellectual inventions of mankind. It had singlehandedly made our life efficient and smooth in various aspects. Zero other than giving a form to invisibility, also reflects, if we peer deep, the major cultural difference between east and west. If we could make this little effort of just even gazing through it which is to say feel it, you would instantly realize how deep this is rooted eastern culture and how meditation was instrumental in giving the void a face.

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Why was Zero "0" invented in the East?

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Discovery of Zero | Who Invented Zero | शून्य की खोज से पहले रावण के 10 सिर कैसे गिने गए

Discovery of Zero | Who Invented Zero | शून्य की खोज से पहले रावण के 10 सिर कैसे गिने गए
Aryabhata did not, but in Vedas, the search for zero
There is a famous song that when my country gave me zero, the world was counted. But did you know who invented zero? According to many people, Aryabhata discovered zero but in reality did not even search for Aryabhatta zero? Then who discovered the zero
If Zero was invented in the 5th century by Aryabhata, then thousands of years ago Ravan’s 10 heads were counted without zero. How did zero without knowing that Kaura was 100? Please tell if anyone knows the answer. ‘

Quite rational question, how is it possible to calculate 10, 100, or other numbers without zero? To know the answer to this question we have to study history but before dipping into the ocean of history, we have to understand the difference between invention and discovery. Making something new through a new method, composition or process is called invention, and the meaning of search means bringing something that is not known to society but it is. Through an example, understand that Newton discovered the theory of gravity as it was before gravity Newton, but the society did not know about it. The theory of gravitation will be called Newton’s discovery, not invention

Aryabhatta, who was allegedly searching for zero, was born in 476 AD and died in 550 AD, and the period of Ramayana and Mahabharata is very old. Hindi language is currently written in Devanagari script. Earlier script is considered Brahmi script. After almost 350 AD, there were two branches of Brahmi, a northern style and a second southern style. Devanagari was also known as Nagari script. This script is a developed form of Brahmi’s northern style.

On this basis we can say that the search for zero came after the circulation of Devanagari script. Before that, there was no concept of zero. There was a system of calculation in Brahmi script, but there was no zero in that calculation. You can understand through the picture that numbers like 10, 20 or 100 could have been calculated without zero. Probably you may have now figured out how to count the number of 10 heads of Ravan and the number of Kauravas in that period. Aryabhatta introduced this world to a new alphabetic method. The story of concept of zero is also interesting.

Nil, a number which is nothing in itself meaning that is empty but still full. Once understand the basis of the concept. Yesterday was reading a book in which the relationship of spirituality and void was told. According to him Zero was called God. According to that book, in Indian culture, the soul has been considered as a part of the divine (Brahma), as well as in the Indian culture, ‘Ego Brahmasmi’ has also been called and that Brahman is considered complete.

The concept of zero is based on something similar. Like God, God is considered complete. 0 (Parmatma) 0 (soul) = 0 (God) We can also say that in this form, the soul = the divine. It is possible to have such a beautiful explanation in a culture of perhaps maybe a culture. Nothing which is nothing, is formless, it is ubiquitous. Omnipresent is the biggest feature of Formless Brahma. Zero or Formless is so small that it is too small at even smaller places, and so vast that the sky is not limited to the unlimited world. Wherever the vision is seen, it is visible.

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Discovery of Zero | Who Invented Zero | शून्य की खोज से पहले रावण के 10 सिर कैसे गिने गए

Ngoài xem những video chia sẻ thông tin này bạn có thể xem thêm nhiều thông tin hữu ích khác do Tại đây cung cấp tại đây nhé.

Hình ảnh liên quan đến chủ đề Discovery of Zero | Who Invented Zero | शून्य की खोज से पहले रावण के 10 सिर कैसे गिने गए.

Discovery of Zero | Who Invented Zero | शून्य की खोज से पहले रावण के 10 सिर कैसे गिने गए

Xem thêm nhiều thông tin hữu ích tại đây:

Nội dung liên quan đến từ khoá in which year 0 was invented.

Discovery of Zero | Who Invented Zero | शून्य की खोज से पहले रावण के 10 सिर कैसे गिने गए,zero ki khoj kisne ki thi,who invented zero,mystery,aryabhatta,0 की खोज किसने की ?,ancient indian history,ancient indian science,zero in hindi,national history day,what is zero,mathematics,illuminating india,science museum,las vegas multiple shooters,Gyan Manthan,The Truth Mirror,rom ror,The Shoonya,Mysterious MythTv,gazab india,thanks bharat.

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  1. Ho skta h mahabharat,ramayan ko koi change kr diya ho aur 10 sir wala concept aur 100 kaurav wala concept lga k pura granth hi change kr diya ho?🤔🤔🤔 Ya phir ye mahabharat ,ramayan bhgwan ki kalpnik soch thi jisse hme jina seekh le??

  2. RAMAYAN, MAHABHARAT aur sare puran 5 mi sadi k bad hi likhe gaye the. Isiliye isme ginti me zero hai, usase pehle koi bhi praman nhi milte k ramayan aur mahabharat likhi hui kha pe hai !!!! Iska matlab ye hua k hum jo bhi ginti kr rhe hai vo zero k bad ki hi hai, main kavyo me ferfar kiye gye hai logo k dwara !!!

  3. Bina 0 k 10 sar count karna easy tha. Sanskrit main 10 ko Dasham and 100 ko Shatam bolte hai so they are words it was easy. Don't make people fool unless you have document

  4. Abe bewkoof agar Sanskrit itni puraani he to sindhu ghaati me Sanskrit kyun nahi mili puraane raajaao ke shilaalekh Sanskrit me kyun nahi he mahaabhaarat aur ramaayan 1000 saalon puraani kaise Ho sakti jabki kaagaj to sirf 15 century me banaa he he koi jawaab nahi naa andwishwaas mat felaao

  5. iska arth hai ki bhagwan shree hari vishnu tri darshi hai wo tino kal mein dekh sakte hai unhe patatha ki bhavishya mein 0 ki khoj hogi isliye unhone pehle hi baata diya aur bhi kahi aise bhavishya vaniya shree krishn ne Mahabharata kal mein ki gayi thi jo kalyug mein ho rahi hai.

  6. Ya to aap galat afawa uda rahe ho ya to aapko jaankari hi nahi hai padho thik se
    Waise to rawad ke samay me 123456789 bhi to hota hoga to batao uski khoj kisne ki us samay me????

  7. 6

    Aryabhatta discovered the '0' symbol and how to incorporate 0 into positional number system. It has nothing to do with how numbers existed. 

    Please first read history properly.

  8. यह प्रश्न पूर्णतः कुतार्किक है। गिनती के लिए 0 की आवश्यकता नहीं होती। इसका उदाहरण रोमन संख्या में स्पष्ट रूप से पता चलता है। रोमन में 0 नहीं होता परन्तु गिनती होती है। 0 की आवश्यकता गणित के लिए हैं गिनती के लिए नहीं।

  9. रामायण, महाभारत हुवा ही नही. ….तो राम का जन्म हमको मालुम होता गधो. . .

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