How to hack WordPress web site using WPSCAN || How to check vulnerabilities of WordPress web site. | in which

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How to cheat in online exam easily

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How to cheat in online exam easily

Teamers vs. two exploiters / Roblox MM2

Roblox MM2 Teamers Hackers
[Medias] Roblox:
Discord: SpamL0001

Teamers vs. two exploiters / Roblox MM2

Ricardo Barbosa Is Breaking .NET With CodeCop

In this interview, Ricardo Barbosa talks about CodeCop.

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Ricardo Barbosa’s blog

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Ricardo Barbosa Is Breaking .NET With CodeCop

How to Create a Keylogger that Sends Emails (C 2020) | Simple Explanation + Demo

In this video, we will cover what keylogger is, and give a demonstration on a Windows 10 PC.
I’ll show you how to open the source code, customize it for yourself, and deploy the keylogger to other computers, and have the logs automatically emailed to the address of your choosing.

▶ Keylogger Source Code:

⌨️ Coding ⌨️
▶ My favorite coding tutorials (CodeWithMosh):

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🎥 Equipment 🎥
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▶ Camera (Sony a6600):
▶ Mic (Blue Yeti):
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▶ Chair (AKRacing):
▶ Lighting (Lamp):
▶ Lighting (LEDs):
▶ Sound/Acoustic Panels:

0:00 Start
0:03 Disclaimer
0:18 Overview
1:12 Keylogger Description
2:22 Prepare Environment (Visual Studio + Source Code)
3:25 Running Keylogger
5:00 Explanation of Variables and Email Function
7:38 Allow Less Secure Apps (Gmail)
8:18 How to Hide the Window and Run in Background
9:45 How to get the Executable
10:15 How to Automatically run on Login
11:09 Virustotal and Malware Detection Explanation
13:10 Outro

Just a quick disclaimer, this video is definitely for educational purposes only, PLEASE try avoid taking what I’m about to share and committing some kind of crime or something
that’s definitely not my intent, please follow the law, and smash the Like button!

We are going to cover what a keylogger is and how they are used
We’ll also do an actual keylogging demonstration that involves capturing keystrokes and sending them to ourselves via email
We’ll be looking at a tiny bit of code just to explain how some things work, but I want to keep this video fairly simple for the most part.
If you want the hardcore details like the hooks and keypress events are handled, I actually have another video that does a full explanation of all the sourcecode you see here
After watching this video you’ll have a pretty good idea of how a keylogger works,
and you’ll be able to take this source code, compile it, and run it on your computer.
And then at the end, I’ll show you how to take the .exe, install it on other computers and have it run silently in the background
You should definitely watch this if you’re interested in Cybersecurity or, you just like cool stuff

What is a KeyLogger?:
Simply put, a keylogger is just some software that records the keys being pressed on a keyboard.
As you can imagine, something like this has a LOT of use cases in cyber crime.
Imagine you are some kind of malicious bad guy and manage to infect 1000 people with a key logger.

EVERYTHING all those people type will be logged and sent back to you.
If you imagine what people normally do on their computer, as a criminal, you could get lots of interesting information, such as conversations on social media, people checking their bank accounts, like when they log in, their username and password will be capturedthis kind of thing
Also while being keylogged, all of your google searches are going to be captured,
all of your ____ searches are going to be captured,
All of the strange things you might type is going to be captured and sent back to the attacker that they can sift through at their leisure.

Even if the attacker doesn’t get your bank account info or any kind of financial information, you can still be extorted and blackmailed depending on how weird of stuff you were searching for.
There are probably some legitimate use cases for a key logger such as monitoring employees or surveilling suspected criminals or something like this, but in these cases, especially if you were the employee being monitored most people would feel their privacy has been deeply violated because people type some really intimate things without even thinking about it.

Thanks for watching!

This video is for security research and educational purposes only. Please do not use anything you’ve learned from here for malicious activity.

DISCLAIMER: This video description has some affiliate links and I may receive a small commission. I only share stuff that I use and believe in. Thanks so much for your support 🥺

How to Create a Keylogger that Sends Emails (C 2020) | Simple Explanation + Demo

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How to get FREE Clothing in Roblox ‧₊˚✩

How to get American Netflix on Your Router Smart DNS Proxy Get 14 Days free trial.

Here is how to change DNS server of any router to the smart DNS proxy.

Here’s a list of Smart DNS Proxy servers around the world.

How to Setup Smart DNS Proxy on Any Router Smart DNS Proxy

Flix & Chill (Official Game Soundtrack)

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How to get American Netflix on Your Router Smart DNS Proxy

I built an AirBnB clone with structured content! Using and Next.js

In this video I show you how to build an AirBnB Clone, as well as manage all your data visually. We are going to build a backend for the app that defines the relationships between our data thanks to Schemas and Types, and add data using Sanity Studio ( )

Topics we will be touching on:
Content Management Systems
Google Maps API
Clustering Markers
Sanity SDK
React Hooks

and much more!

0:00 Introduction
2:39 Getting started with Sanity
11:43 Creating our Sanity Schemas
24:55 Creating PropertyImage Type
30:15 Creating Review Schema
34:44 Creating Traveller Schema
35:50 Creating Person Schema
42:28 Adding Data to our Sanity Studio
52:17 Getting Started with Next.js
56:00 Connecting our Sanity App to our Next app
1:00:20 Querying our Data with GROQ
1:03:57 Building our Next.js pages
1:24:23 Styling with CSS and Google Fonts
1:31:10 Adding in our images
1:43:25 Adding in our AirBnB property information styling
1:46:45 Adding in Review information
1:54:25 Adding in Location information
2:06:01 Adding Links with Next.js
2:07:15 Building our AirBnB’s home page
2:17:40 Building our NavBar component
2:21:30 Adding our AirBnB logo
2:23:35 Adding a Cluster Map
2:30:25 Conclusion

If you get stuck, the Sanity community I was talking about can be found here on the Sanity Exchange ( and the Sanity Slack Community (

The code for my GitHub can be found here:

Google Maps API info can be found here:

In most videos I use Tabnine as my A.I autocompletion tool. You can download it for free here:

If you would like to buy me a coffee, well thank you very much that is mega kind! :

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You can also find me on:

codingbootcamp​​ coding

I built an AirBnB clone with structured content! Using and Next.js

Crazy FREE Traffic Hack For Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs

watch this entire video and learn my free traffic hack for pay per lead and pay per call affiliate offers.

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Crazy FREE Traffic Hack For Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs

Force Required to Overcome Friction

Using Newtons Second Law to determine the force required to overcome the static friction force by applying a force directly alone the horizontal access.

Force Required to Overcome Friction

How to hack WordPress web site using WPSCAN || How to check vulnerabilities of WordPress web site.

Welcome To Techno Geek,

This Video is only for education only.

__ _______ _____
\ \ / / __ \ / ____|
\ \ /\ / /| |__) | (___ ___ __ _ _ __ ®
\ \/ \/ / | ___/ \___ \ / __|/ _` | ‘_ \
\ /\ / | | ____) | (__| (_| | | | |
\/ \/ |_| |_____/ \___|\__,_|_| |_|

WordPress Security Scanner by the WPScan Team
Version 3.7.11

Please use VPN to hide your details

Let’s check about how to install wpscan into Ubuntu or Linux. In my case I use Ubuntu.

Using WPSCAN it is very easy to identify vulnerabilities of WordPress web sites and using those vulnerabilities it is very easy to
deface WordPress web sites..:)

Let’s start

For that open terminal
And type below commands in terminal

sudo apt update
sudo apt install curl git libcurl4openssldev make zlib1gdev gawk g++ gcc libreadline6dev libssldev libyamldev libsqlite3dev sqlite3 autoconf libgdbmdev libncurses5dev automake libtool bison pkgconfig ruby rubybundler rubydev y

sudo gem install wpscan

Done, Now to check the version wpscan type
wpscan version

Lets scan vulnerabilities of live web site using wpscan.
My victim is

type this command to scan the web site

wpscan url e

Done, Using this method you can easily identify the vulnerabilities of your web site as well as you can deface web sites

But this video is only for educational purposes.

Hope you guys enjoyed the video

Please subscribe,comment,like and share the video

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