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How to Make Super Fast Christmas Cards | Những kiến thức tự học may đơn giản nhất.

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How to Make Super Fast Christmas Cards và các hình ảnh liên quan đếnchủ đề này.

How to Make Super Fast Christmas Cards
How to Make Super Fast Christmas Cards

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#Super #Fast #Christmas #Cards.

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How to Make Super Fast Christmas Cards.

may may may.

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  1. First, MAY MAY, I'm a new subscriber, moreover, a new craftee. I caught on to you when I saw your video on CRICUT FOR BEGINNERS. I must tell you that I'd been trying to locate a video that will look at their audience as DUMMIES. You know like CRICUT FOR DUMMIES. LOL. Hell, treat me as if I'm a DUMMY…I am when it comes to the CRICUT. You are superb in that video. Thanx for holding my hand. Do you have an intermediate vido? You are AWWWESOME as an instructor. I am hesitant to say this but….i think you are cute as LITTLE button. That voice and accent is uplifting and consist of LOADS OF SMILE. You have my vote for being an inspiring and zealous CRAFTER. I will continue following you as I see multitudes of videos of you!

  2. I recently found out there were a couple of Hobby Lobby stores about 20 miles from me. I tried looking for this great pocket pack but to no avail. Then I realized, this video was posted 2016! Ugh. I hope The Paper Studio starts to stock these types of items again!! Thanks for such great videos and ideas. I love following your videos

  3. 1st time watching you, enjoyed a lot! I've been making hand made cards for years. I was looking for a little inspiration and there u were! Thanks! A true crafter fines a way to use the smallest of scraps and I LOVE WHAT U DID WITH YOURS!!! The tree is super cute but the doodling gave the tree it's charm. See u tomorrow. 💜

  4. You have such lovely ideas. I just recently came across your channel and this video made me hit that subscribe button and ring that bell. Thank you for sharing your talent!!


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