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The History of Gout | The Disease of Kings

For centuries, many have called gout “the disease of kings” because it affected men who ate rich diets and drank heavily. As early as the ancient Greeks, doctors wrote about gout, claiming that only wealthy men could become afflicted with it. And when royals like Henry VIII came down with gout, it transformed into a fashionable condition. Just like the French imitated the royals at Versailles, Europeans aimed to get gout as a status symbol. In the 16th century, men claimed that gout prevented other maladies and even called it an aphrodisiac.

Gout DiseaseOfKings WeirdHistory

The History of Gout | The Disease of Kings

Henry VIII OverSimplified

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Henry VIII OverSimplified

May 14 Henry VIII&39;s leg problems

On this day in Tudor history, 14th May 1538, the French ambassador, Louis de Perreau, Sieur de Castillon, wrote a dispatch regarding King Henry VIII having been dangerously ill due to a problem with one of his legs.

Henry VIII was plagued with problems from his legs, leg ulcers, from at least 1528 right up until his death. But what do we know about his problems and what are the theories regarding the cause?

Find out in today’s talk from historian Claire Ridgway.

Also on this day in history, 14th May 1635, Helena Gorges (née Snakenborg), Lady Gorges, was buried in Salisbury Cathedral. But who was this lady and how did a Swedish royal maidofhonour end up being buried in England? Find out in last year’s video https://youtu.be/BzKXyFiHb6w

And on this day in 1536, while her predecessor and former mistress was in the Tower of London waiting for her trial, Jane Seymour was moved to be closer to the king and was treated like a queen. Hmmm… Find out more in the 14th May 1536 video https://youtu.be/2efPMyXd14E

May 14 Henry VIII&39;s leg problems

What did Henry VIII eat? Tudor Feast

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Dining for the nobility during the Tudor period was about much more than just food. The size of a household and the quantity and variety of food provided were an important way of demonstrating wealth and influence.

Let’s explore the diet of King Henry VIII!

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Henry VIII: King and Court
By Alison Weir

The Tudor Kitchen: What the Tudors Ate & Drank
By Terry Breverton

The Tudor Kitchen: What the Tudors Ate & Drank
By Terry Breverton

Groom, S. 2013. At the King’s Table: Royal Dining Through the Ages. London: Merrell

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What did Henry VIII eat? Tudor Feast

How Henry VIII Spent His Final Hours Before Death

King Henry VIII is surely one of the most famous English monarchs of all time, mainly due to his everchanging marital status and his largerthanlife appearance and personality. However, a lot of people may not know what the Tudor king was like at the end of his life. While it might be hard to believe that a man responsible for so much death would expect forgiveness, the king allegedly spent his final hours getting right with God. Archbishop Thomas Cranmer was even by his side when he died, although Henry was unconscious and unaware of it. Here are some of the other details of how Henry VIII spent his final hours before death.

HenryVIII History Royals

Read Full Article: https://www.grunge.com/191328/howhenryviiispenthisfinalhoursbeforedeath/

How Henry VIII Spent His Final Hours Before Death

Strange Facts That You Didn&39;t Know About Henry VIII

King Henry VIII might be known as a bad husband with a hot temper who straight beheaded a couple of his wives. But he was also a surprisingly talented musician and was an animal lover. Henry was a complicated man.

Today, we’re going to talk about some strange facts that you didn’t know about Henry VIII.

KingHenryVIII BritishRoyals WeirdHistory

Strange Facts That You Didn&39;t Know About Henry VIII

The Disturbing Truth Of Henry VIII Is Pretty Head Turning

Henry VIII was greedy, paranoid, and had a thing for murdering wives. So why do people have such a fascination with the guy? Did he have redeeming qualities? Or do people just really like bad boys? Regardless, we’re taking an indepth look at the messed up truth of Henry VIII.

Henry VIII inherited a wealthy kingdom from his dad, the late Henry VII who no one remembers because he was overshadowed by all of the really awful things that his son did. When Henry VII left this world, he had the equivalent of 375 million Pounds or 494 million Dollars, which went to his son, who seemed determined to waste it all on lavish parties and crap he didn’t need.

According to History, the court of Henry VIII was one of history’s most opulent. Evidently, no one taught Henry the value of money when he was a child, because just one year after inheriting the throne at the age of 18, he blew most of the kingdom’s annual revenue on Christmas parties. Yes, everyone loves an epic party, but imagine spending 13.5 million Pounds – the equivalent of 18 million Dollars – in a single year. Henry’s holiday expenses included food, entertainment, and gifts.

That kind of excess continued throughout Henry’s reign. In fact, he was so into parties that he expanded the kitchens of Hampton Court Palace so they filled 55 rooms. Banquets frequently served up to 14 courses to as many as 600 people and included extravagant dishes. So you could say Henry ate his kingdom’s fortune, and that would actually be close to accurate.

Watch the video for more about The Disturbing, Head Turning Truth Of Henry VIII!

HenryVIII History Kings

Squandered all of his money | 0:00
A new religion allowing divorce | 1:22
He killed more than wives | 2:27
Henry VIII executed a nun | 3:16
Destroyed England’s monasteries for stuff | 4:05
Really bad at war | 5:30
Employed a butt wiper | 6:30
England’s first antigay laws | 7:14
He mentally tortured Anne Boleyn | 8:00
Annulled marriage for ugly wife | 8:56
Catherine Howard’s cries for mercy | 9:51
He did not die well | 10:50

Read full article: https://www.grunge.com/178917/themesseduptruthofhenryviii/

The Disturbing Truth Of Henry VIII Is Pretty Head Turning

Henry VIII King of England & Initiated the English Reformation | Mini Bio | BIO

Henry Tudor was born at Greenwich Palace in 1491. Following the death of his brother, he became Henry VIII, king of England. He married six times and initiated the English Reformation. His son, Edward VI, succeeded him after his death in 1547. Biography
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Henry VIII King of England & Initiated the English Reformation | Mini Bio | BIO

Henry VIII King of England & Initiated the English Reformation | Mini Bio | BIO

Lover Ep: 3 | Henry Mind Of A Tyrant | BBC Documentary

Henry began to pursue Anne Boleyn in early 1526 and as lust turned to love, he conceived the idea of marrying her but that required a Papal annulment of his marriage to Katherine. A sixyear struggle with Rome caused Henry to rethink the nature of the English monarchy, and he came to believe that the King, not the Pope, should rule the Church in England. The result was the break with Rome, a new wife for Henry, and a new religion for his subjects. But the marriage did not last long as Henry’s paranoid egotism increased, money and power triumphed over love.

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Lover Ep: 3 | Henry Mind Of A Tyrant | BBC Documentary

Henry VIII&39;s Sisters

Margaret Tudor, Queen of Scotland and Mary Tudor, Queen of France lived lives just as intriguing and dramatic as the six spouses of their famous sibling.

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Henry VIII’s is infamous for his relationships with women. The domineering King took 6 wives during his 36 years on the throne. And he disposed of them with as much scandal as he wooed them – Divorced, Beheaded, Died, Divorced, Beheaded, Survived. But Henry had two other important women in his life, his sisters, Margaret and Mary. Their lives and complicated relationships with their brother are just as intriguing as those of the famous 6 wives. Let’s get to know the two Tudor sisters, Margaret, Queen of Scotland and Mary, Queen of France.

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Royal History: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnisWy9P9u0&list=PLsiuz33wEZhjKGD6PxxGxkT_ZTTchMFV
LGBT Royals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uUW1AqFIY94&list=PLsiuz33wEZhgGKCsUDY6R5YcLrEFLc2i

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Henry VIII&39;s Sisters

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What did Henry VIII eat? Tudor Feast

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  1. This seems like a terrible waste but any leftovers were given to lower classes or the poor, while Dunkin' Donuts throwing away unsold food everyday and if employees give away the food they will be fired!!

  2. Crazy how has he no direct living descendants today and was never able to keep his bloodline going. Three legitimate children, either dead or never went on to reproduce.

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